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Andreas Miessmer

Master Cook Andreas Miessmer, from Germany’s Southern Baden area, learned his profession from the ground up. After his training in an established restaurant in Ortenau, Germany, the stages of his career took him to Pierre Pfister at the Hilton International in Mainz, the Colombi-Hotel in Freiburg, the restaurant De France in Wiesbaden, to Dieter Müller in the Schweizer Stuben in Wertheim, and to the Teufelhof in Basel, Switzerland. He drew widespread attention to himself in 1992 as winner of the „Golden Chef’s Hat“ and was selected „Chef of the Year“ by the Registered Association of German Cooks.
Now an active freelance author and food stylist, Miessmer lets us look over his shoulder in publications like this valuable book as he presents hist vast culinary knowledge of vegetables, vension and poultry.

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